A film about husbandry and wife

Whole Foods Market & The Humane Society / At the Fork

The Brief

With support from Whole Foods Market and the Humane Society of the United States, we set out to produce a timely and unbiased feature film about the famers (and farm animals) that feed America.

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What We Did

  • Research & Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Marketing
  • Impact Campaign

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Our Approach

Farmers and food producers are notoriously media shy. That meant our team would need to fight an uphill pre-production battle, building trust with reluctant subjects, earning unprecedented access to large-scale farms, and laying the groundwork for a frenetic cross-country shoot.

Led by director John Papola and cinematographer Matt Porwoll, our crew hit the road for four months, capturing dozens of interviews with farmers, experts, and policymakers. The all-star post-production team, including lead editor Josh Meyers, Academy Award nominee Sandra Adair, and composer Graham Reynolds, worked around the clock to deliver a festival-ready cut in just 3 months. In February, 2017, At the Fork premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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Launch & Results

Working with the theatrical event platform Tugg, our team pulled off a single-day theatrical release in 55 theaters across the US, the most successful documentary premier in the history of the platform. To promote the film, we worked closely with Whole Foods Market to create a branded virtual reality experience, in-story displays, and a multiplatform digital campaign. After shooting to the top of the iTunes documentary list, Samuel Goldwyn Films purchased the rights to distribute At the Fork globally. Three years later, the film still holds a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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